About us

The relationship between Neuland, Germany & Inky Thinking UK goes back to 2009 when Tom trained with The Grove Consulting International, California as a graphic recorder.

As a child, Tom would spend time drawing and colouring in his parent’s graphic design studio, using the array of pens available. Tom knew of the importance of having the best quality kit for the highest quality graphic recording work.

After strong recommendations and research into Neuland’s ethical and sustainable approach to product design and production, it was a natural decision to invest in kit from Neuland. They have such a tempting array of marker colours in a wide range of sizes, it was like shopping in a sweet shop!

The initial investment in the LW-X GraphicWall, Paper Rolls and marker pens, was well worth it as the robust kit has lasted many, many years.

The GraphicWall has many stories to tell and has travelled globally to capture engaging conversations in meetings with Inky Thinking clients such as Amazon, Google, NHS, Mars, Campari, Airbus, Coca Cola, PepsiCo.

After years of importing kit (pre-Brexit) for the live illustration work of the Inky Thinking team, it became a dream come true to partner with Neuland to become an official UK (GB) Reseller in August 2021. An aim being (post-Brexit) to make it easier for UK customers to receive first-class quality kit with least hassle and no hidden import costs.

Today the Inky Shop UK, based in Hexham, Northumberland is overseen by both Tom & Esther. Esther is best placed to utilise her relentless focus on customer care and sales experience gained with Jamie Oliver’s UK business, where she led a team of up to 80 Sales Consultants in North East England.

Esther works at the heart of the business, oversees the shop, and thrives on delivering both excellent quality kit and delighting UK customers with care and attention.

Whether shipping regular supplies of FlipChart paper into UK training rooms and academies or smaller bespoke deliveries to independent consultants, Esther seeks to ensure that each customer feels like they are the only customer. 

Tom, Esther and the whole Inky Thinking team continue to use Neuland products extensively for their work, which means that we at Inky Thinking / the Inky Shop UK can truly walk the walk and talk the talk when it comes to both using and selling Neuland visual facilitation kit in the UK.