NEULAND FAN: Kirsty Lewis

Photo of Kirsty Lewis, School of Facilitation pointing finger at Neuland BigOne wedge nib, red held in right hand. Sold in Inky Shop UK.

In the words of Elizabeth Barrett Browning “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways."

I love thee when I draw a poster or write a list as you are consistent in how you show up,
I love thee for your your chiselled nib, or rounded finish, the ink glides from pen to paper in straight, wiggly & cursive lines,
I love thee for the choice you give me, BigOne, FineOne, No.One, TwinOne, Outliners, AcrylicOne and FatOne.
The colours you bring to my life bring me joy, from Black to Blackberry to Gold. 49 colours to choose from keep me smiling.
I love thee for your renib-able nibs and refillable body. You make me feel like I do something for the environment.
I love thee for the length of our relationship. Black and Purple BigOnes have been my faithful companions for over 10 years. You are nothing if not reliable and reusable.
I love thee for your metallic range and grey shade colours. You bring texture and variety.
And yet I do not mention the accessories, the boards, the Stick-It and stickers.  You are more than just a pen.
May our love continue and grow stronger as together we refill, renib, and the colour palette expands.

Written with heart by Kirsty Lewis, Founder of School of Facilitation, lover of Neuland pens.


Credit to photographer, Jake Smallwood