STORAGE: Neuland BaggyOne

Product photo of Neuland BaggyOne marker pen bag, pen holder, with Neuland No.One marker pens inside. Sold in the UK via Inky Thinking Shop

Since starting to use Neuland products over a decade ago there have been many favourite products in my kit box. All the Neuland products are so well designed and easy to use it becomes difficult to choose a lasting favourite, especially when new products pop up throughout the year.

Recently I have settled on a Neuland product which I really LOVE, and that’s the BaggyOne. A strange name you might think but this is a game changer for facilitators and graphic recorders alike.

In essence, the BaggyOne is a compact and lightweight bag that is fixed at the waist and is specially designed to contain and carry the Neuland pens you choose to use when facilitating or graphic recording.

Photo of Tom Russell using Neuland BaggyOne pen pouch containing a range of marker pens.

If you’re like me and you find yourself holding various pens in your hands at the same time – aka Edward Scissorhands style - and dropping them a lot, the BaggyOne is ideal as pens are never far away, which is very helpful when you need a pen super quickly to capture a key point.

The BaggyOne comes with internal elasticated loops in addition to a general space for pens, and I also like the front pocket which is great for containing erasers and the small items that are often really important to have available at short notice.

The smart black appearance is fab as it doesn’t show up any pen marks or ink that may stray on the job.

My final big cheer for the BaggyOne is that I don’t need to be repeatedly reaching and bending down to pick up pens, especially on those graphic recording jobs where there isn’t a table available. As someone who is afflicted by the reality of not getting any younger, this is a major advantage.

For those of you who might think this is a bum bag by another name, think again, the BaggyOne is a versatile Neuland pen accessibility solution!

Tom Russell, Founder of Inky Thinking