BEST SELLERS: Neuland Outliners

BEST SELLERS: Neuland Outliners

A bold, strong and mighty family of markers within the Neuland Outliner range. 7 pens, 3 pen sizes, 3 nib types and 1 black ink. Refillable. Sustainable. Replacement nibs. No wonder it’s the best-selling range.

Neuland BigOne®, Neuland No.One® and Neuland FineOne® Outliner markers are the trusted tools of visual practitioners across the globe. They are must-have pens with a bold offering and a first-class sustainability promise. Consistently featuring within the top 10 products sold each month, the outliner range offers;

  • Perfect glide over paper with no squeak
  • Sustained flow of ink
  • Permanent, water-based deep black ink
  • No strong smells
  • Quick drying ink
  • No smudge or smear
  • Ergonomic shaping
  • No bleed through paper
  • Holds fast when layered with other pen colours
  • Impactful with other mediums including pastels
  • Sustainable, refillable with unique ink
  • Replacement nibs for all Neuland pens
  • Markers are lifetime companions.

Neuland BigOne ® is a superb shape holder, mighty, thick and strong for impactful titles, main headings, underlining on large graphics where prominence is needed. Customers use the BigOne markers on large graphic recordings, pinboard paper in group work or on flipchart paper in training and facilitation situations. “The wedge shape and the uninterrupted flow of ink ensures consistent line width, making it ideal for projects where clean lines are important.” Eddy Phillips

Neuland No.One ® is the favourite everyday marker pen for visual coaches, facilitators, agile and scrum practitioners, and is the very best piece of kit for everyday work. The Inky Thinking team select this marker first from their kit boxes when working with clients – our go-to pen. Whatever the size and type of paper, the No.One will ensure that writing, drawing and underlining flow beautifully across the sheet. “Where has this No.One round nib outliner been all of my graphic recording life?! I've been drawing with it all afternoon and it makes such a difference!” Pete Gray.

Neuland FineOne ® is the ideal companion for writing in notebooks, on flipcharts, in small group work, journaling, sketchnotes. Perfectly pair with the Pin-It and Stick-It Cards when working in small groups to capture notes, ideas and concepts visually. The strongest equivalent to a Sharpie pen we sell, without the strong smell and with the option to refill and save from landfill. Often purchased in bulk from Inky Thinking for training participant packs.

Whatever the scope of your work, the preferred size of your pen and the nib type that suits you and your style the best, the Neuland Outliner range really is a staple piece of kit for your kit bag or marker pen case.

Check out the range of Neuland Outliner markers via the Inky Shop UK and if you would like to find out more about buying in bulk for training kits or participant packs please email Esther via We are happy to fulfil bulk offline orders and readily equipped to work with corporate PO numbers!