HOW TO: Neuland BigOne® Wedge

Product photo of Neuland BigOne Wedge marker pen in pink, sold in the UK via Inky Thinking Shop

It’s surprising how few people really take the time to study the nib of their pens to see what’s possible. Maybe it’s a bit nerdy but if you purchased an item that could do 3 things you’d want to try it out – wouldn’t you?

It is possible to create 3 separate types of lines with the Neuland BigOne® Wedge nib. When Tom Russell is leading the InkyJam workshop he explores how to get used to the nib and draw confident lines. Here’s the poster used in the workshop;


Hand drawn image of nib of Neuland BigOne marker pen, illustrating 3 sides to a nib; broad, heel and tip. Pens available to buy in UK via Inky Thinking Shop


Firstly there’s the broad side. This is the largest surface on the nib and this is what gives the big lines.

Secondly there is the tip, at the top of the nib. The tip offers a smaller line and is easy to control when writing.

Thirdly, there is the heel. This can be found at the other end of the nib, and when using the heel one can create surprisingly thin lines with practice.

The Neuland BigOne®, as its name suggests, is a BIG presence in the visual facilitation and graphic recording world.

The Inky Thinking team have been using the BigOne Wedge nib for over 10 years and love the bold stokes that can be created with it. Although we often take a selection of BigOne markers with us when graphic recording, it is when facilitating that the BigOne really comes into its own.

Here’s a few reasons why ... 

  • Ideal for words with big, confident strokes, such as ‘Welcome!’ on a chart to greet participants as they arrive.

  • Great for creating borders on flipcharts to focus attention on the content or using with mandalas to separate data.

  • Superb for underlining headings with big bold strokes.

  • Nice for drawing clouds and similar objects on charts where being precise isn’t essential.

What’s more the BigOne is refillable and has replacement nibs so there’s no need to throw into landfill. Always have a stock of replacement nibs in your kit bag for a quick nib change. The Nibinator is super for changing old nibs for new nibs and makes for a mess free experience.

To view the 49 colours available in the BigOne Wedge range in the UK visit the Shop.

Photo of pack of Neuland BigOne Wedge replacement nibs, set of 10, sold in UK via Inky Shop UK